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Necessary documents for your yearly Tax Return

Necessary documents for your yearly Tax Return

Dear Client, as Tax season is fast approaching, please find a list of the Documents we need to receive to prepare your 2022 Tax Return:

Mod. 730/21 or Mod. Unico / 21 and payment forms F24.
Copy of your ID/passport and Tax ID Number ( Codice Fiscale )

Pharmacy receipts ( with your Codice Fiscale and paid by credit/debit card)
Invoices for specialist visits, health tickets Invoices / receipts for medicines and veterinary expenses
Funeral expenses

Loan interest paid ( we need the bank declaration )
CUD / 2022 attesting your employment / retirement income
Copies of ENEA Certifications, for energy savings of 55% and 65%
Copy of renovation costs for recovery 50% plus deductions for Furniture and Appliances.
Payment for life insurance costs
Payment for school tuition costs

Expenses for sport activities for children up to the age of 18
Payments made to Onlus

Payment of social security contributions

Cadastral report for properties purchased during the year
Copies of any real estate purchases / sales occurred during the year
Contributions for domestic service workers
Copy of any foreign income tax returns and related tax payments
Value and description of assets / funds / equity investments / financial availability held abroad

That’s the general list. Please contact us for any doubt .

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