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Liquidity decree – New measures for small businesses and professionals

Liquidity decree – New measures for small businesses and professionals

With the publication  of the Liquidity Decree approved by the Council of Ministers, the measures to support companies, artisans, self-employed and professionals become operational.

A public guarantee,  replaces the expensive guarantees normally necessary to obtain a loan while the abolition of the preliminary phase, for medium-small businesses, will significantly reduce the time between the request and the actual disbursement of the sums.

In detail , there are three possibile options:
A-100% guarantee for loans for amounts not exceeding 25% of revenues up to a maximum of 25,000 euros, without any credit assessment. In Italy most companies are medium to small (or very small) in size , often  characterized by being run by families and with diffucilties in accessing to the bank loans for requiremets, guarantees, requested documents etc . With this decree,  the Legislator wants  to allow a ( almost  ) immediate access to the credit , providing loans of up to 25 thousand euros without banks having to make any merit assessment.  Therefore, with these extraordinary provisions, companies that ask for amounts of up to € 25 thousand will not have to meet the requirements that were required up to now during the preliminary phase to have access to credit, with a free guarantee given by the State.

For bigger entities :
B-100% guarantee (of which 90% State and 10% Confidi) for loans of an amount not exceeding 25% of revenues up to a maximum of € 800,000, without performance evaluation; the expected public guarantee is always 100%, but it will be necessary to wait for the assessment of the creditworthiness.
C-90% guarantee for loans up to 5 million euros, without performance evaluation. Access to credit is thus  also provided for higher amounts up to 5 million, but in these cases the procedure is more complex, although the state guarantee remains for 90%

There is also the possibility of granting state guarantees on bank loans to companies through Sace

The first option (A)  is certanly the one with the widest audience, as it applies to any entity /person that has a Partita Iva; the maximum duration of the loan is set at 6 years, while the repayment of the capital starts not earlier than 18/24 months after the loan has been granted.

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